Peaches (Hakuto)

▲Hakuto is characterized by juicy and melt-in-mouse softness

This variety is characterized by its round shape with a vertical center line. The fruit has reddish white thin skin. The flesh contains a lot of fruit juice and has a melt-in-mouse softness. In Oe Town, the varieties we are mainly growing are Kawanakajima and Akatsuki.

Features of each variety and harvesting time

Kawanakajima Hakuto
This variety was accidentally produced in Kawanakajima, Nagano City in 1977 and named “Kawanakajima.” The size is relatively large and it weighs around 250 g to 350 g. It is characterized by its slightly firm flesh and chewy texture. It has a long shelf life. This variety is recommended for people who like sweet and firm-fleshed peaches. The harvesting time starts in early August.
This variety has a high sugar content. The flesh is delicate and soft but it also has a chewy texture. The harvesting time is around late July. It weighs about 250 g to 300 g.
Best Recipes
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