Kurobee Nasu Eggplant

▲Medium-long “Kurobee Nasu” with a deep color and beautiful luster

Eggplant is one of the most common vegetables. It is characterized by its juicy fruit, sponge-like pulp, and blackish purple skin.
In Oe Town, we mainly produce Chunaga (a variety) called “Kurobee Nasu” which has shiny dark skin. This variety is tender inside and covered by firm skin, so it is perfect for a simmered dish or grilled dish. Compared to the other varieties, it is known to have a longer shelf life.
In Oe Town, we don’t waste oddly shaped eggplants. Instead of throwing them away, we sell them as dried eggplants in Autumn and Winter.

Harvesting Time
In June through October

Best Recipes
・Eating it fresh (Yamagata Dashi, etc.)
・Grilled eggplant
・Stir-fried dish
・Simmered eggplant
・Dried eggplant
・Kurobee-nasu Pizza (Yamagata Prefecture Official Website)
・Kurobee-nasu Salad (Yamagata Prefecture Official Website)
・Kurobee-nasu simmered with sweetened vinegar (Yamagata Prefecture Official Website)

The 12th TV Commercial for promoting local products in Yamagata,
Oe Town’s “Umainassu♪”