Log-grown Shiitake Mushroom

It has a good fragrance, a strong taste, and a solid meat quality.

Shiitake is one of the most common mushrooms consumed in Japan. They grow on withered broad-leaved trees such as Quercus crispula or konara oak. They come into season in Spring and Autumn. In Oe Town, our log-grown Shiitake mushroom is mainly grown by artificial cultivation and gathered throughout a year. Compared to Mushroom bed cultivation (the list price is cheaper), the log-grown method cultivates them under conditions that are closer to their native environment. Therefore, log-grown shiitake mushrooms are characterized by its pleasant aroma, rich flavor, and meaty flesh. We can get fragrant soup stock from dried shiitake.

Harvesting Time
Throughout the year

Best Recipes
・Grilled Shiitake
・Hot pot dish
・Steamed egg hotchpotch
・Stir-fried food
・Tempura, etc.