Oe Town Communication Station

The Communication Station is a facility established for the purpose of providing information regarding the history, culture, and tourism of the town. Characterized by being a part of Aterazawa Station, the facility opened in March 2003.
While showing a modern exterior, the building utilizes in many parts the stone wall structure and locally grown lumber of “Nishiyama Cedar,” both of which are associated with the history of the town, aiming to harmonize with the climate and landscape of the region. Especially, the pinnacle-shaped symbol tower in the center is 19 m in height, and with the stone wall structures inside and outside of the facility, it creates the image of the mountain castle and turret of Aterazawa Tateyama Castle, established by the Oe Family, who ruled this region during the Middle Ages.

▲Oe Town Communication Station Exterior

▲Oe Town Communication Station Exterior

The facility has received a high evaluation for being a new type of urban space design that has roots in the history, climate, and landscape of the region. It was awarded the Grand Prize at the "1st Competition for Yamagata's Landscape to be Preserved for the Next Generation" hosted by the Yamagata Association of Corporate Executives in 2003, and was commended in the Production Department of the "48th Association of Railway Architects Prize" hosted by the Association of Railway Architects also in 2003.
The facility houses a store section, information desk, gallery, and exhibition hall.

▲Communication Station Facility Map

Facility Summary

Location:〒990-1101 876-18 Oaza Aterazawa, Oe-machi, Nishimurayama-gun, Yamagata
Tel/Fax: 0237-62-5501
Closed:January 1st
Open hours:9 AM to 5:50 PM
Parking:56 cars, 4 priority spaces available (open 24 hours).

Description of the Site

(1) Commodity and Information Section
The town’s famous confections, simple porcelain baked at the local Ajisai kiln, and other local specialties, along with various snacks associated with Japanese festivals are sold. It is a popular spot for children.

▲Entrance to the Commodity and Information Section

▲A variety of the town’s famous confectionaries to choose from

▲Simple porcelain baked at the local Ajisai kiln and other specialties of the town

▲Extraordinary collections of precious photographs are on exhibition

▲Extraordinary collections of precious photographs are on exhibition

(2) Gallery
Extraordinary collections of precious photographic records are exhibited, including “Photographic records of Aterazawa’s historic landscape,” “Oe-machi’s original collections of photographs from the locations of NHK’s serial TV drama Oshin,” and “Award winners of the Oe’s four seasons photograph contest.”

(3) Autumn Festival Exhibition Hall
Elements that liven up the local Autumn Festival annually held in September, including “Yakko” dancer costumes, two “Hayashi Yatai (music floats),” and a pair of “Shishimai Lion dances” costumes are on display. Exhibit items are actually used for the festival, and a diorama and figures faithfully depict a scene in the festival.
In addition, visitors can enjoy the impact of powerful songs and ohayashi (accompanying music), recreating the atmosphere of Oe’s Autumn Festival, welcoming them upon entering the hall. Entry is free of charge.

▲Experience the atmosphere of the Autumn Festival

▲Gorgeous Ohayashi Floats


Commodities Sold

Farm products Stewed carp, Mao Udon and Somen noodles, Ama-ponpon,
porcelain from Ajisai Kiln, Kon-nyaku, etc.
Agricultural processed products Wild grapes, apple, and La France pear juices, wild plants, mushrooms, canned azuki beans
Gourmet La France Soft Serve Ice Cream, Grilled Rice Balls, Kon-nyaku Balls, Charcoal Grilled Dumplings, etc.
Locally brewed sake Oe-nishiki “Junmai”, La France wine, etc.
Others Soft serve ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, and mixed flavor), sweet pastries, cheap snacks, etc.