Local Specialties

Oe Town is situated at the foot of the Asahi Mountain Range, known as one of “100 Most Famous Mountains in Japan.” The town has benefited from abundant natural resources such as fertile soil, pure water, and perfectly clear air. In such an ideal environment with rich nature, our local specialties are grown by the locals of Oe Town with great care. We hope you enjoy our superb local specialties.

La France pears


Sumomo (Japanese plum)

Peaches (Hakuto)

Warabi (edible bracken)

Log-grown Nameko Mushroom

Log-grown Shiitake Mushroom

Kurobee Nasu Eggplant

Green Soybeans “Hiden”

Yamagata Jidori (locally produced poultry)

Processed Fruits

Processed Mushroom Products

Oe Agricultural and Livestock Product Processing Facility


Yume no Junmai Daiginjo “Jintsu no Shizuku”

The Original Rice Shochu “Funauta no Sato”

Oe-nishiki Junmai Sake

Food Products

Craft Products