Green Soybeans “Hiden”

Hiden’s flavor, sweetness, seed size, and skin springiness are outstanding

It is said that “Hiden” is named after its distinguishing features such as flavor, sweetness, seed size, and skin springiness. Hiden is one of Yamagata’s special local products and it is characterized by its large pods with a white navel. Hiden can be enjoyed as green soybeans and soybean dishes. Hitashi-mame (simmered soybeans served with herring egg) is a popular traditional food for the New Year’s days.
In Oe Town, we sell Aodaizu which is for boiled green soybeans or Hitashi-mame. You can find various processed bean products in Japan, but boiled green soybeans or Hitashi-mame brings out the quality and flavor of beans more.

Harvesting Time
Mid-September through mid-October

Best Recipes
Boiled green soybeans
Nuta-ae (served with finely chopped fish or vegetables), etc.