Yamagata Jidori (locally produced poultry)

▲Yamagata Jidori has a reputation for its superb umami flavor with rich body and chewy texture

The Yamagata Jidori is a hybrid between a rooster (hybrid between Akasasa Shamo and the Nagoya) and a hen (Plymouth Rock). It takes 120 days to rear Yamagata Jidori in the farms. It is longer compared to the broiler chickens, which have a rearing period of only about 60 days. Yamagata Jidori has a reputation for its red flesh, superb umami flavor with rich body, and chewy texture. It is a perfect ingredient for grilled dishes, hot pot dishes, simmered dishes, etc.
You can buy it at Terme Hakuryo Health Spa. Please bring it back home as a souvenir of Oe Town.
The price varies depending on the season. Call the following phone number for more information.

Oe Town Industry Promotion Public Corporation Tel: 0237-83-4126
Kaneko Construction Company Tel: 0237-85-1630
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Health-related Information (nutritional components, notable elements, and health benefits)

Collagen Effective for skin health (rough skin, dry skin), eyestrain, hair (hair loss, thinning, baldness), antiaging care
Vitamin A (Carotene) Effective for antiaging care, increasing immunity, strengthening mucous membrane, antioxidant activity, cold, eyesight recovery
Vitamin B6 Effective for insomnia, skin health, skin whitening, pollen allergy, antioxidant activity, stomatitis, stress, tranquilization, diabetes
Niacin Effective for liver disease, stimulation of blood circulation, tranquilization, diabetes, cerebral disease, hangover, insomnia, hair (hair loss, thinning, baldness)
Oleic acid (inhibitor of cholesterol) Effective for arterial sclerosis, antioxidant activity, high-blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, dementia, antiaging care, constipation, heart disease

More Explanation

Yamagata Jidori has a tender and chewy texture. Everyone from young to elderly will enjoy our chicken

The apparent digestibility coefficient of chicken is very high (95%) as chicken is tender and low in fat. Also, the protein in chicken contains a proper balance of essential amino, so it is a perfect food for infants and elderly people too.
Plenty of collagen found around the skin and the bone speeds up skin metabolism and keeps the tissues of the body healthy and young. Oleic (inhibitor of cholesterol) plays an effective role to prevent arterial sclerosis by reducing the bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol in the blood. The abundant Vitamin A helps to strengthen skin health and mucous membrane and relieve eyestrain. Also, chicken contains plenty of Vitamin B and Niacin which also helps to strengthen mucous membrane and increase immunity.
Unlike the other meat, most of the fat in chicken is in the skin. You can reduce a considerable amount of fat and cholesterol consumed by removing it. Also, chicken is a perfect protein source for those who are on a diet.

Best Recipes
・Grilled chicken (with salt, sauce)
・Chicken boiled plain
・Gizzard, heart, stir-fried chicken and liver (with salt), etc.

The following is the perfect sauce recipe for grilled Yamagata Jidori. Please try this recipe at home.

・1 bottle of off the shelf grilled chicken sauce (1,500 g, any spiciness)
・1 apple (you can substitute apple juice, but you need to adjust the amount to prevent it from being too sweet.)
・1 onion
・1/2 garlic (3 or 4 cloves)
・White sesame: to taste

(1) Peel the onion and the garlic. Grate the apple (unpeeled), the onion, and the garlic.
(2) Pour the grilled chicken sauce into a pan. Once the sauce begins to simmer, add (1) and cook until the onions are semi-translucent.
  (*when you use apple juice, add it as tasting according to taste)
(3) Let the sauce cool slightly. Add white sesame and stir (you can also add hot red pepper powder). Cool it down completely.

If you pour it into a plastic bottle and store it in the refrigerator, you can give it a longer shelf life. You can also use it as a BBQ sauce.

[Tips for making a spicy sauce]
Pour your sauce into a small pan. Add hot red pepper powder, garlic, miso, and sake and stew until the sauce becomes slightly thick. If you find your sauce tastes too light or you love spicy food, try this recipe too.

▲A perfect side dish to go with sake!

▲A perfect side dish to go with sake!

Enjoy Yamagata Jidori along with our locally brewed sake, “Oe-nishiki”! Off course, Yamagata Jidori is a perfect ‘mariage’ for our special sake! You will enjoy the perfect coupling of flavors brought out from each of them.