Log-grown Nameko Mushroom

It is characterized by its pleasnt flavor, darker skin, and slimy and chewy texture

In Autumn (sometimes around the rainy season when the summer is unusually cool), they grow on withered trees or stumps of oak tree or beech tree. Nameko mushroom can be used for various dishes such as miso soup, a side ingredient for soba noodles, ohitashi, stir-fried food, etc. In Oe Town, our log-grown nameko mushroom is mainly grown by artificial cultivation. Mushroom bed cultivation is another method of artificial cultivation, but it is generally considered that log-grown nameko possesses more pleasant flavor, darker skin, and slimy and chewy texture.

Harvesting Time
October through mid-November

Best Recipes
・Miso soup
・A side ingredient for soba noodles
・Ohitashi, etc.