Sumomo (Japanese plum)

▲Large size and sweet “Sun Rouge”

This variety started to be called as Sumomo in Japan because compared to peaches, it tastes tart. The typical Sumomo tastes sweet and tart and contains a lot of fruit juice. The main shipping season starts in early summer through high summer. Whereas most of them are dried or processed for jam in Europe, we produce them mainly as a ready to eat fresh fruit in Japan.
The variety of Sumomo produced in Oe Town is Sun Rouge. This is a new variety created by Mr. Seiichi Watanabe who is a local of Oe Town (and a chair of Sagae Nishimurayama Sumomo Association). Sun Rouge stands out from the other varieties and it is characterized by its slightly larger size, over 15 brix sugar content, and red-colored flesh. It has a long shelf life and storing it in the refrigerator will allow you to keep it for more than a month.

Harvesting Time
In late September through early October

Health-related Information

Nutritional components
Folic acid, Potassium

Notable elements
Anthocyanin, Sorbitol

Health benefits
It helps to prevent anemia and high-blood pressure, and relieve eyestrain and constipation

Best Recipes
You can enjoy eating it fresh

More Explanation

Sumomo has vivid red colored flesh

Sumomo contains a lot of folic acid which helps to prevent anemia and has health benefits for pregnant women. Potassium eliminates sodium and thus, we can expect it to prevent high-blood pressure. Also, high-anthocyanin helps to buildup capillary vessels and relieve eyestrain. Sorbitol can combat constipation because this sugar alcohol is known to work as a laxative.